As discussed in a previous blog post, in the United States use of a trademark is generally required in order to obtain and maintain trademark rights (whether “common law” or a federally-registered).  Like all good things, however, use of many trademarks eventually comes to an end.  Once-popular brand names go out of fashion, companies are acquired and absorbed/re-branded, or use of a brand simply stops.  Are such trademarks lost to the sands of time?  What about nostalgia’s continual reinforcement of the cliché “What’s old is new?”  Can old brands be revived and, if they can, who can do so?  We’ll […]

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St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony Larussa filed in May a lawsuit against Twitter, claiming that the company’s allowance of the username “TonyLaRussa” was a violation of his rights. In particular, LaRussa claimed that the account and its use constituted a violation of his trademark rights, misappropriation of his name and likeness, and an invasion of his privacy. Legal observers opined that these types of claims were an odd fit for the circumstances and, more importantly, a federal law known as the Communications Decency Act contains a provision that shields publishers of user data against liability for such publication. While the […]

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