Sorry, folks, no cheeky title here – this is serious business.  Theft of trade secrets is a significant threat to businesses, and the country’s economic growth – by some estimates, trade secret theft and economic espionage cost the U.S. economy tens, and perhaps even hundreds, of billions of dollars each year (see On the federal level, the primary weapon against such theft has been the Economic Espionage Act.  The Economic Espionage Act had a significant shortcoming, however – it only allowed for criminal and civil action to be taken by the federal government.  The actual victims of trade secret […]

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Our original iPhone Developer Legal Guide, posted half a year ago, garnered a really great set of responses from the development community.  Some responses contained very helpful and constructive criticisms on things the Guide should have included as well as a correction or two that needed making.  Taking into consideration this valuable input, we are happy to announce today the release of Version 2 of the Guide, which is now over twice as long and includes a helpful list of Resources. We will continue to update the Legal Guide and we hope it will long be the first and best […]

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