When the global pandemic struck in March, some of our clients, like Kinetic (www.wearkinetic.com), began looking at how they could expand their business by providing new technology and services to help their customers deal with the CDC protocols and recommendations to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Prior to the pandemic, Kinetic’s business was centered on developing smart wearable devices and related software and technology that automatically detects high risk postures and provides workers with immediate feedback whenever high risk motions occur. By highlighting these high risk postures, Kinetic’s clients were able to significantly reduce workplace injuries and the associated costs.

In April, Kinetic asked us to expand their existing contracts to include the new COVID-19 enhancements they had developed. These enhancements alert each worker through a wearable device when proper social distancing was not being maintained. Kinetic’s new enhancements also produce robust reports on employee interactions, streamlining contact tracing in the event of an outbreak of COVID-19.

Danielson Legal’s team evaluated the risks involved with offering these new features to Kinetic’s customers and quickly developed contracts to enable Kinetic to bring these new enhancements to market.

One of Kinetic’s clients, Warwick Ice Cream, a family-owned ice cream manufacturer based in Warwick, Rhode Island, has implemented the solution in its manufacturing facility. In a newly released case study, Warwick Ice Cream reported that use of the Kinetic devices with the COVID-19 enhancements has resulted in a 76% reduction in close employee contact and reduced the average employee contact duration from seven minutes to less than 60 seconds. These reductions and improvements have quickly made Kinetic’s solution an important part of its customers/ workplace safety plan for COVID-19.