O.K., that may be overstating things a bit, but big changes are on the horizon for trademarks in the EU.  As background: member nations of the EU maintain their own trademark regulations and registration systems, and are also part of a separate EU body called the “Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market” (“OHIM”), which is responsible for the administration, registration and maintenance of “Community Trademarks,” which cover all of the EU. The changes generally seek to harmonize the trademark laws of the various EU members and OHIM (which is, thankfully, being re-named the “European Union Intellectual Property Office”), with […]

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We can’t take it any longer. We HAVE to tell you more about filing foreign trademark applications, if only to answer the question that we are asked the most frequently regarding it (besides “How much will it cost?”). “Why? I only offer my products/services in the U.S.” When considering whether filing foreign trademark applications is prudent, it’s important to ask yourself not only where the business operates now, but where you plan to grow the business 3-5 years out. Attempting to expand into a foreign market, only to find that another party has registered your trademark is, at the very […]

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As one of my law school professors used to say, “Well, wait a minute.”  As in all areas of the law, success in a trademark lawsuit is anything but a given, no matter how “airtight” a case you think you have.  There are a variety of factors involved in deciding whether to institute formal litigation (or another proceeding, such as an Opposition at the TTAB), not all of them involving the underlying substantive law.  At the core of reviewing any potential enforcement action is a cost/benefit analysis. Substantively, this entails reviewing the facts surrounding the particular dispute, the applicable statute(s), […]

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