iPhone App Developer Legal Guide—Version 2

Our original iPhone Developer Legal Guide, posted half a year ago, garnered a really great set of responses from the development community.  Some responses contained very helpful and constructive criticisms on things the Guide should have included as well as a correction or two that needed making.  Taking into consideration this valuable input, we are happy to announce today the release of Version 2 of the Guide, which is now over twice as long and includes a helpful list of Resources.

We will continue to update the Legal Guide and we hope it will long be the first and best resource for information on legal issues of interest iPhone app developers.  Please note that you may freely distribute the PDF version of the Guide, so long as no alterations are made to it.



Sections included in the guide are:

  • Choosing an application name
  • Reading and understanding the iPhone Developer terms and conditions
  • Using third party services or materials in your app
  • Using push notifications or in-app purchasing
  • What are your terms and conditions?
  • Protecting your copyrights
  • Patents for apps?